About us


Who we are? What are we doing? And what is the purpose of this project? Those are the questions you’re very likely to ask yourself when you first hear about TO AUSTRIA! And the next few paragraphs should answer all your questions.

TO AUSTRIA is a project that aims to motivate Czech students and young people to gain experience in Austria.

Why Austria?

The answer is quite easy. We believe that the Austrian culture is very similar to the Czech, so are the people. The reason why is a simple story from history. After the collapse of Austrian-Hungarian empire, the Czech Republic and Austria went different ways and despite the geographical proximity and cultural similarity, they are still very distant. In order for us to bring both countries closer together, it is necessary to support relationships at the deepest level – between people.

How are we doing it?

As mentioned above, our goal is to convince students to see Austria as a valuable opportunity for their lives. Here comes the role of our speakers. We hold various meetings with young people, both at school and in public. At these events our speakers talk about their experience with Austria, either in studies, internships, language courses, sport events or something else. It’s not only about talking. These meetings are becoming more and more interactive and thus give listeners a choice to actively seek out for more information with assistance of our experienced and helpful speakers.

Who is behind?

The project is constantly evolving and various actions are being organized. Right now the development of the project depends on reputation and support. At this point we have good and strong partners who support our project in various ways, and without them the work would be very difficult, if not impossible. For that our partners have a big THANK YOU! You can find out more about our partners on the page in the partner box.

If it sounds interesting to you and you want to know more or if you only have questions, wishes or suggestions, we will be very happy if you send us an e-mail on info@dorakouska.info.