A list of institutions and companies that are our partners.

To all of mentioned – Thank you, without you our project would not exist.


Project „Do Rakouska na zkušenou“ is functioning under another project called šprechtíme.

Ministery for education, science and research is sponzor of the activities of project .

Rakouské velvyslanectví v Praze  is a big patron of project “To Austria”.

Waldviertler Sparkasse AG sponzors the functioning and activities of the project.

Aktion Česká republika – Rakousko is a partner institution of the project.

OEAD: Österreichischer Austauschdienst.

Velvyslanectví České republiky v Rakousku is a long term patron of the project.

Česko-německého fóra mládeže„Do Německa na zkušenou” was an inspiration to us.

Partner of project, bank Gutmann.

The company provides us with the software Meistertask.

Supported by program O2 SmartUp.

In cooperation with MCI – Management Center Innsbruck is the summer school set up.

Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic for Tyrol and Vorarlberg is a big supporter of prepared summer school in Innsbruck.

Consulting company is a supporter of the  project “Do Rakouska na zkušenou/To Austria”

Thank you very much!