My study abroad in Austria

My name is Mieke, I’m from the Netherlands and I am studying mechanical engineering. In my third year, we had a semester where we had to follow a minor of our own choice. Because Germany has a huge part in the technical industry, I wanted to improve my German language skills and searched for German courses in my own country. Unfortunately, there was no university that had German classes which also focuses on technical language. I spoke with the coordinator on my school and he suggested looking for a technical study in a German speaking country. It sounded crazy and incredibly difficult to me at that time, but I’m glad that I managed to arrange it.

The choice for a destination wasn’t that hard. I visited Austria many times with my family during holiday trips and I already loved the country. So when I heard my school had partner universities in Austria, my choice was quickly made. At that time I was so excited and scared at the same time. Excited, since I would live in between mountains in Innsbruck, which felt like a dream come true (our highest ‘mountain’ in the Netherlands is only 320 meters tall). But scared, since it would be my first time living on my own, and I chose a place over 800 km away from my family and friends.

The best part about a study abroad is meeting many awesome people. As I had my courses in German, I was the only exchange student in my class at the time. This way, I got to know a lot of locals there and could learn a lot about their

culture. I also joined the Erasmus Student Network in Innsbruck so I met a lot of internationals as well. With every event they had, I made new friends. In that manner, Innsbruck is a great city to choose for your study abroad, since about one third of the people who live there are students. There is always something to do there and it makes the city feel very alive.

During my time abroad 5 months had felt so long. But when I look back now, I would almost say that it was too short. It was long enough to make me feel at home there, but being back home in the Netherlands it almost feels as if it never happened. I really want to go back there sometime or travel to the countries of the internationals I have met. I would definitely recommend everyone to go abroad. It simply is a wonderful experience. Especially in Austria that keeps amazing me with her nature and culture.

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” – William Feather


My way to Innsbruck

My name is Žana and I am currently completing my Master degree program in Management, communication and IT, at Management center Innsbruck in Austria. I was Born and raised in a small village in the Alps of Slovenia. From the early age I always had great entrepreneurial skills. After high school I knew that Economics are my passion, so I decided to go to Slovenian biggest city, and study there at Faculty of Economics, UL. Being energetic, curious, hardworking, and always looking for new challenges, small Slovenia was soon too small for me, so I decided to study abroad. First, I spend my Erasmus exchange in Ireland, and currently I’m studying in Austria.

So, why did I chose Austria? A lot of people still ask me that, and I have many different answers. First of all, Austria was always very appealing. Being raised at the border of Austria and Slovenia already from the early age I could see how different the conditions are in Austria, which has a higher standard of living than Slovenia. I knew people who left Slovenia and move to Austria and they were really pleased with their decision, and their happines was infecting me. So, after I finished my Bachelor degree I was decided I am going to apply for a Master program in Austria. Secondly, Austria even though the language is different than the one home, has a similar culture and atmosphere than Slovenia. This two points were the main reason why I applied for a Master program in Austria. And what do I think now, after a year living there? I would just say it was the best decision of my life. After moving, my German was not that good, but people were so nice that they talked English to me, so it was easy to find friends. I like the feeling Innsbruck gives me everytime I come there, it is warm and feels like home, even though I am in the different country. I like the mountains, and how active people are around here, I like how my Master program is structured, and how well they take care of their students.

Since I am finishing now my study program, I am pretty sure that even after I will stay in this beautiful country. They offer so much more than my country can. For example I was searching for a student job in the summer, and I literaly found it in a month, that would never happen in Slovenia where job oportunities for young people are really low. As said before, I think going to Austria was best decision in my life, and I would recommend it too everyone who wants to experience something new, but in the same culture as home, and is searching for limitless  after their degree.