From Indonesia to Austria

I will introduce myself, my name is Rebecca, I’m and Indonesian who is currently pursuing my master degree in Communication Science program, in the University of Vienna.

How did I choose Austria as my destination?

To be honest, it was a mere coincidence. My ultimate aim was to study in a developed western country such as Australia, U.K., U.S.A, or any countries in Europe. I tried to get in to some universities in these countries, some accepted me, and some didn't. After evaluating all universities who accepted me, I chose Austria, specifically Vienna because I always want to live in a big city where I can have an international environment and meeting new young people, but also not a big nasty metropolitan city such as a city where I lived before (I don't want to say a name :p). So I thought Vienna is perfect for the criteria that I required.

What are my obstacles getting a place to study in Austria?

Visa, or getting the permission to stay here legally. I kept hating my passport during the visa process because there is a rule that as an Indonesian, I have more things to fulfill compare to people from other nationalities (even from Indonesia’s Asian neighbor countries).

What are my obstacles living in Austria?

There is no tough obstacle other than getting the visa. I feel living here is easy and chilled. I have a good life quality, I can bike in the city (which I never did before), I can spend time with friends, studying, reading. All in all, I feel happy living here.

How do I like Austria so far?

I like it so much. Austria is one of the blessed countries in the world that I’ve ever visited. It has amazing natures like the Alps view in Tyrol and Salzburg, the constellation of the lakes in Carinthia, the old city like Hallstatt, and of course the beautiful capital city, Vienna. I am always thanking God for giving me a chance to live in Vienna, one of the most beautiful capital city and the most livable city in the world.

Special message for anyone who’s still deciding where to study?

Please do study abroad or even overseas (any countries will be good as long as it’s not your country). See more of this world. There are so many things to study and learn from other countries and cultures. It will help you to learn about life, to know yourself, your potential and in the end, you will be a better person who has an open mind and a big heart.



If you want to know more about me and or want to read some stories about my traveling diaries, please visit my blog at http://www.bloodyways.blogspot.com 😉





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